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I have questions concerning my order
The event I booked tickets for has been cancelled/postponed/relocated.
I don’t have my tickets anymore.
I made a mistake when ordering the tickets.
Can I still change or cancel my order?
I haven’t received the tickets I ordered.
I didn’t receive the number of tickets I ordered.
I have a question concerning a charge.
The event has been cancelled and the refund was not transferred to my account/the wrong amount was transferred to my account.
Has my order been successful?
I need to change my shipping address.
I want to provide positive or negative feedback for an event I attended.
I have questions concerning the oeticket.com website
I forgot my password
How can I change my e-mail address?
I don’t remember my log in details.
I want to change my data.
How can I book several events under one transaction?
How can I redeem my gift certificates?
What ways are there to pay for my tickets?
Why do I have to enter my passport number for certain events?
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